HINSON GTO Short Throw Shifter 2004-2006 (Hinson Black Shift Ball)

HINSON GTO Short Throw Shifter 2004-2006 (Hinson Black Shift Ball)

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HINSON GTO Short Throw Shifter 2004-2006 (Hinson Black Shift Ball)
Deliver Every Shift....... Every Time

  • Engineered for precision shifts & closer gates
  • Shift throw reduced for quicker shifts
  • Weighted steel shifter handle
  • CNC machined aluminum base
  • Accepts stock factory knob or HINSON logo shift knob
  • Offsets to left or right side of vehicle
  • Direct bolt in installation
  • Made and assembled in the USA
  • Works for left and right hand drive vehicles

Hinson Motorsports is proud to announce our HINSON GTO Short Throw Shifter 2004-2006. This shifter was designed for the GTO enthusiast who is tired of the sloppy stock shifter. We built the best way to shorten throws and narrow the gate distance between gears in your Pontiac GTO. With its interchangeable handle, there is no compromise on handle location for both left and right hand drive cars. The HINSON GTO Short Throw Shifter was designed with no internal centering springs, so you will never have to worry about missing gears due to wear. The base is anodized aluminum with internal seals to help keep the transmission fluid in and the elements out. Our GTO shifter handle is made from hardened steel for additional strength and weight. The added weight helps to smoothly row through the gears without the annoying rattling of cheaper aluminum handles. The handle has also been designed to clock the shift knob slightly to help guide you into the next gear. This "handle clocking"is not noticed by naked eye and only for stock knob application. 

Are you tired of the stock knob or has it just seen its better days? Hinson Motorsports gives you an option for handles. Take your pick from a handle that will except the stock knob or one that will accepts our Hinson Motorsports logo knob. Our logo knob is made from the highest of manufacturing standards. Our shift knobs have a precision inlaid classic 6 speed logo top with the Hinson Motorsports logo inlaid in each side to add a little nostalgic flare for that extra attention at the car shows.

The shifter hardware is black oxide coated grade 10. Our hardware will not rust, and the extra bolt size will also handle all the hard shifts without the fear of breaking bolts in the shifter. We also utilize hardened 7/16" stubs (compared to competitions smaller 3/8" stubs) to make sure the shift is delivered every time.

Package Includes - 
  • Shifter Assembly
  • Installation Hardware
  • Handle - Black Hinson Logo

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this a direct bolt in product I can install at home?
A: Yes, this product will install with basic hand tools, a floor jack, and jack stands in a matter of a few hours.

Q: How does the HINSON GTO Short Throw Shifter compare to other shifters on the market for my car?
A: The Hinson Motorsports short throw shifter only uses the highest quality components. We utilize anodized aluminum, hardened steel alloys, and high grade oxide coated hardware. We also found innovative ways to ensure your product will last for years to come.
  • For example, we do not utilize any springs in our shifters like other competitors do. 
  • We offer fitments to accommodate left and right hand drive models. 
  • We also offer handles to except factory knobs or aftermarket knobs.
  • We address and find solutions for things that are problems with other shifters such as broken stubs. We used harder material and made the bolts larger for a solid shift every time. 
  • We use hardened steel handles, instead of aluminum ones like our competition, to help eliminate rattles and ringing through the handle. This also eliminates the desire for an aftermarket weighted shift knob that has to be purchased separately. 
  • We pay attention to the details that make that a difference. Slightly clocking the factory shift knob to send you into the next gear more easily is a subtle touch you'll appreciate. 

Q: Does the Hinson shifter accept the stock knob or an aftermarket knob?
A: The HINSON GTO Short Throw Shifter is available with a handle that accepts the stock knob or our logo shift ball. The shift ball option will be available in 2-3 weeks.

Q: Do I need to buy anything else in order to install the shifter?
A: No. The Hinson shifter uses all the existing mounting hardware to mount the shifter to the transmission and the stock rubber gasket. All other necessary hardware is included.

Q: What material are the shifter handles?
A: Both of our handle designs are made from 4340 steel. This helps add weight to the handle in order to create a smoother & rattle free shift.

***No frills or fancy names, just bangin gears and burnin tires.


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