HINSON FD RX7 Live Axle Conversion

HINSON FD RX7 Live Axle Conversion

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After months of testing, we have finally dialed everything in and will be releasing our first live axle conversion for the FD Mazda RX7. This package was developed and tested on one of our shop cars. We've tested this design with a T56 (manual) and a Powerglide (auto) transmission. The design has worked very well, and we are optimizing the torque arm length for our current power level. Give us a call or send us an email if you would like to find out more info on this build.

Test Vehicle Specs:
'93 RX7 with 402ci LS2.
Video shot with auto transmission.
Power level - 685rwhp when measured with a manual transmission

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The rear ends are built to our specifications by Moser Engineering. Brake and suspension setups are available through us. You can purchase with confidence that we are your full solution to this install. Tech support and installation instructions are included.

Frequently Asked Questions -

Why did you make this? Do I need one for my car?

The Mazda IRS is a surprisingly strong piece given the power level of the factory rotary engine. Most V8 conversion cars will not need this. We've been using the IRS upgrades for years, and they work well with certain transmissions and power levels. However, after breaking the center section with the KAAZ LSD in it multiple times, we knew that a stronger solution would be required. This is not necessary for the mild V8 installation. This solution is for those that want to race with confidence at power levels over 600 ft-lbs of torque.

The factory IRS works well. What kind of short times (60') have you had? 

We've seen consistent 1.3X short times. For those new to drag racing, middle 1.3 second 60' times are very fast. With more testing and adjustments, this number will continue to improve. 

Does it require welding? No, this is a bolt-in installation.

Pricing? We are evaluating water jet table time now and will having pricing when you order based on options.

Are the pieces painted or powder coated? They are painted. Powder coating options are available.

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