Frequently Asked Questions - 
HINSON Motorsports C5 Corvette Short Throw Shifter 

Q: Is this a direct bolt in product that I can install at home?

A: Yes, this product will install with basic hand tools in about an hour. Check out the installation video coming soon.

Q: How does the HINSON C5 Short Throw Shifter compare to other shifters on the market for my car? A: The Hinson Motorsports C5 Corvette short throw shifter only uses the highest quality components. We utilize anodized aluminum, hardened steel alloys, and high grade oxide coated hardware. We also found innovative ways to ensure your product will last for years to come. We pay attention to the details that make that a difference.
  • Shortest Ratio Available - Get ready to train your clutch foot again! The speed of this shifter will require you to "relearn" how fast to push your clutch pedal. You will soon find yourself waiting on your foot instead of the slow & sloppy factory shifter.
  • Advance Centering Action - Designed with aviation style components, our shifter will never need rebuilding. Centering spring designs from other manufacturers will wear out over time.
  • Heavy Duty Hardware - We address and find solutions for things that are problems with other shifters such as broken stubs. We use hardened materials and made the bolts larger for a solid shift every time.
  • Weighted Handles - We use hardened steel handles instead of aluminum ones like our competition. The powder coated 4340 steel handle helps eliminate rattles and ringing through the handle.
Q: Can I use my factory knob?
A: No, this design requires a 9/16-18 threaded knob. Choose from the available HINSON 9/16 options here. Other manufacturer's 9/16-18 knob will also work with our handle. This is a very common size in the Corvette market. 

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