Top Speed Corvette C5 Z06
Built and Tuned by Hinson Motorsports

Hinson Motorsports standing mile Corvette sets a new world record at the ECTA Ohio Mile at a speed of 244 mph! This sets a new record for the fastest Corvette in any one mile event and sets a class record for BBG/SS!

This video documents our first "one mile" pass in our new turbo Corvetteracecar. It was a speed limited licensing pass for the East CoastTiming Association ( We're excited to be back on the track, and we're looking forward to pushing the car this year. Enjoy!

We have arrived at the Ohio Mile!

Unfortunately, we had to postpone the trip toTexas. We simply ran out of time to test before the race, and that is along haul to ride untested. So we're planning to attend the Ohio Mile, which has 4 events this year. We'll be tested and ready.


New numbers are in!

2,246 HP @ 7,800 RPM
34 psi


We made our first pulls on the engine dyno! We made 1,870 horsepower on low timing and 27psi. We're turning up the boost and timing tomorrow. We'll run out of injector around 2,400 horsepower. Special thanks to Young's Performance, Lane Culver, Butler Performance, Ryan Carpenter, Buddy Anderson, and Noah Mitros for making this happen so quickly.

We are headed for the Texas Mile on March 23-25! We are thrashing to complete the project now. We ran 224 mph on low boost with our previous build.We're looking to beat our own record and eventually compete for theworld record for the fastest piston powered car. This new car is acombination of C5 and C6 parts resulting in extreme performance. We havebuilt on the information gained from our previous car, and this ride islooking to push the boundaries for standing mile racing.

Build Specs


427ci RHS Aluminum Tall Deck Block (Assembly & Machining by Butler Performance)
Callies Ultra Center Counter Weight Billet Crankshaft
Aluminum Connecting Rods
Diamond Pistons
Custom High Capacity Oil Pan from Doug Lee Engineuity

Top End

TEA Trickflow 245cc Cylinder Heads
Crower Roller Rocker Arms
Comp Pushrods
Custom Comp Solid Roller Camshaft
GM EFI Carb Style Intake Manifold

Turbo System

Custom Turbo Setup with 118mm Turbo
5" Downpipe
Custom Air/Water Intercooler
Tial Blow Off Valves
Tial Wastegate

Computer & Fuel
Holley EFI Dominator System
Bosch 160 lb Injectors
FuelLab Fuel Pumps & Regulator

Transmission & Rear Differential
RPM TR6060 Transmission
RPM ZR1 Differential with Quaiffe LSD
SPEC Twin Disk Clutch

Roll Cage & Body

25.5 Roll Cage
Custom Adjustable Rear Wing

Wheels & Tires

True Forged Wheels 18x12 & 18x10
Hoosier R6 Tires 345/35/18 & 275/35/18

This is a custom tall deck 427ci solid roller engine built in partnership with Butler Performance. The guys at Butler Performance handle our big cubic engine builds. These RHS blocks are great when they're in capable hands of a great machine shop. Give us a call to help plan your next race engine build.

Getting ready for the engine dyno.

Amazing craftsmanship by the guys at Hinson Motorsports.

Shameless plug for our friends at RHS & Total Engine Airflow/TrickFlow. We stock and use these great manufacturers for our personal and customer use. Let us know how we can help you assemble your next combination of parts!

RHS intake spacers for the tall deck build.

Forced air enters here. Intake is a GM piece with custom fuel rail solution by HINSON Motorsports. An intake elbow plate has been bolted down to the top. We will custom fabricate the elbow to work on this engine.

A billet alternator bracket built by Lane here at the shop. Got amps?

Custom water plates for -12 AN cooling connections. Built in house at Hinson Motorsports.

Custom high capacity oil pan with trap doors for fluid control.

Custom external oil pressure regulator on race oil pan.

Amazing craftsmanship by Buddy & Lane at HINSON Motorsports. Great work guys!

118mm Turbo - It's bigger than you think. ;)

Don't get sucked in :)

5" Downpipe.

Lots of boost = Twin BOV.

Funny car cage for driver protection. Still under progress when picture was taken.

This is an all business interior featuring a 25.5 cage for protection.

Intercooler and engine water tanks in the trunk. All fabricated in house.

Running a TR6060 and ZR1 differential with Quaiffe LSD. Thanks to RPM Transmissions for their support on the initial build in 2011.

SPEC Twin disk from last year's C6 race car. Thank you SPEC for the continued support in 2012.

High rise hood to clear the intake elbow.

Custom adjustable rear wing.

Rear wing support for additional drag and down force. Braces supported by custom structure built behind the rear bumper

True Forged 18" wheels.

Looking to put a "2" in front of that horsepower quote.

Old sticker from previous life as a single turbo 76mm. Kinda funny in today's form..