Mazda RX8 2003+

LSx V8 Powered Mazda RX8 

We are proud to introduce one of the next projects from HINSON Motorsports. This RX8 was purchased recently for the sole purpose of developing the RX8 LSx V8 market.

This car was purchased with a turbo RENESIS 13B-MSP engine which made a staggering 256 hp and 180 ft-lb on our chassis dyno.


More Pictures:


The RX8 project is complete!!!
 The wiring has been finished, and all electronics are working. We will post more pictures shortly. The below picture was taken of a mock up engine. We have installed an LS1 engine with T56 transmission. It is wired, and ready to start.

We have completed the car with the exception of the cooling system. We received the radiator core, and we're designing the installation now. At this point, we are planning to have pricing, pictures, and video shortly. We are looking forward to releasing these products. 

The 1 7/8" stainless steel headers and 3" y-pipes are now in stock. They were custom built for the application, and they are required for the build. They meet the factory exhaust system behind the transmission for an easy installation. 

The car is on the road. We have started our road testing, and all systems are working as designed. The car has a nice balance, and the interior noise is very low. Our first impression is that this will make an excellent driver. We will post pictures and video shortly.

We have stainless steel headers and Y-pipes in stock.

Pricing is almost completed, and we are going to start adding more products to our store soon. We appreciate your patience and look forward to working with you soon.

RX8 dash is working! You can have a seamless installation with your stock dash. We're tackling the stock electric power steering (EPS) now.