Harland Sharp Shaft Mount Non-Adjustable Roller Rocker 1.8 Ratio (LS1/LS2)

Price: $495.00
Harland Sharp original series, pedestal mount, GM LS1/LS6 roller rockers are designed to be a replacement for the factory rocker that fits under the stock valve cover. Simply remove the factory rockers and rocker stands and replace with your new Harland Sharp roller rockers. We recommend always checking for head & valve cover clearance and proper lifter preload. We have encountered core shift issues that have interfered with our rockers.

These non-adjustable rockers are designed to the factory specs. If you change camshafts or machine the heads, you will have to correct your pushrod length. Always check before installing.

*There a few things to consider before upgrading to the 1.8:1 rockers. The higher ratio is going to add about .030 more lift. On a high mileage car this may rapid fatigue of the valve springs. If you have more than 50K miles we recommend getting a new set of valvesprings. The increased lift has also been know to trigger knock sensors so reflashing the computer may be necessary.
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