Yella Terra Ultralite Shaft Mount Non-Adjustable Roller Rocker 1.7 Ratio (LS1/LS2) YT6645

Price: $564.00

The latest offer from Yella Terra is the new “Ultra-lite” LS1 twin shaft roller rocker series for late model Corvettes, Pontiac GTOs, Monaros, Commodores, Vauxhalls and GM Luminas.

After two years of R&D, testing and trials, the company has developed the Ultralite range that suits high performance applications. This new “proprietary lightweight design”. is better suited to performance hydraulic roller and mild solid roller applications. With valuable input from leading LS1 cylinder head manufacturers in the USA, Yella Terra engineers have worked in redesigning the YT Twin shaft rockers to withstand high RPMs and address valve control issues under extreme conditions.

The Ultra-lite shaft rocker has 50% less nose weight of other shaft roller rockers offerings, fitting under the standard rocker covers with no further machining required. The products come in both 1:7 and 1:8 ratios and use a full compliment high quality Torrington bearing set. The rocker body is machined out of the high grade aircraft alloy and roller tips have been precision machined. The rocker arms have been balanced to withstand the aggressive loadings at the high RPMS. The new Ultra-Lites will provide optimal results for LS series engines, provided the right valve springs and proper pushrod/valvetrain geometry is in place.

Yella Terra Roller Rockers have proven to be so reliable and durable since 1983, with the ultimate in design and proven by official Holden racing teams such as NASCAR AUSCAR and Commodore cup to give more power and reliability than other products.

The strongest aluminium rocker arms in the world with deflection and bend tests proving their aircraft grade extruded aluminium arms superior to rival aluminium and stainless steel arms. They are the ultimate rocker arm for use in high revving street engines and most race applications.

Premium quality Yella Terra extruded alumiunum roller rockers have never let a competitor down at our high speed proving grounds (Calder Park Thunderdome), where Holden and Ford Auscars required to run our roller rockers having battled in racing at an average speed of over 200km for an estimated 100,000 laps. The rockers ran for over 170,000 km at between 5000-6500 rpm.

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