HINSON Corvette X-Pipe Blanket w/ Ties - Heat Protection

HINSON Corvette X-Pipe Blanket w/ Ties - Heat Protection

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HINSON Motorsports Corvette X-Pipe Blanket

Sick of your heated cup holders?

What about the candy bar in the center console?

HINSON knows the C5, C6, and C7 Corvettes could use a little work in the heat shield department when it comes to the x-pipe location and temperature. The weekend cruise isn't much fun when the center console in your Corvette is boiling hot! At the moment the only option you have is to deal with it.
...BUT NOW...
HINSON Motorsports has a simple fix for your problem.

The NEW HINSON X-Pipe Blanket is a Flexible Exhaust Shield built to keep you cool.
The HINSON Blanket serves the same purpose as the Stainless Steel Heat Shields used to protect drivers in racing applications. The HINSON blanket was designed specifically for aftermarket Corvette X-Pipes and can handle more complex bends than the Stainless Steel Shield. 

The HINSON Blanket is constructed of High Temp textiles surrounding a 1700*F, non-ceramic, 1/2" insulation. On one side of the blanket you have thick silicone coated fiberglass which is attached for durability. On the opposite side you have stainless steel mesh which is added for abrasive protection and to provide space between your mid pipe and textile.

The HINSON Blanket is easy to install and has built in grommets so no tools are needed. The HINSON Blanket comes with Stainless Steel Ties which allow you to install it without having to remove your x-pipe. You simply slide the blanket above your x-pipe and use the Stainless Steel Ties to secure it in place. The HINSON Blanket is made from reliable and durable material so it can withstand all types of weather conditions.

You "DO NOT" have to remove your x-pipe to install this HINSON Blanket!!

Not designed for OEM exhaust applications

25ct - 14" Black Stainless Steel Tie Wraps Included w/ Purchase

HINSON Blanket is built to order - Please allow 2-3 weeks for the units to be shipped from our factory.

HINSON Corvette X-Pipe Blanket Installation Guide



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1. on 9/22/2014, said:
I just bought one and installed it last weekend. Guess what? The cabin is definitely cooler so it really works. I ran My ZR1 at Thunderhill yesterday and I didn't have to turn the air on to cool the cabin on my drive home. I realize this is not a scientific measurement but on prior events the air had to go on even when it was only 60 degrees outside. I didn't take any pictures while up on the rack but this blanket probably won't blow off even if I didn't use the ties. On the ZR1 it is a very tight fit yet with a little help from a friend it only took about 15 minutes to install. P.S. I was also able to store my IPhone in the center console up to and back from Thunderhill (A 3 hour drive) without it warning me it was too hot to work.
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