HINSON C5 Corvette Single Turbo Kit - Stainless Steel

Complete Single Turbo Kit for the 97-04 Corvette C5

Frequently Asked Questions

505 rwhp and 511 rwtq on a stock 01 Corvette Z06
 (62mm Turbo, 9 psi)  

304 Stainless Steel Header (Passenger side), Cross-over, Down Pipe, Mid Pipe, Exhaust
  • Connects to factory exhaust
  • Uses factory driver side manifold or shorty header
  • 3" Downpipe

HSC C5 Single Turbo Kit

Water/Air Intercooler, Water Tank & Pump, Heat Exchanger
  • Uses water to cool the hot incoming air
  • Complete system holds 3 gallons of water or antifreeze

Turbonetics T62 Turbocharger, Tial 44mm Wastegate, Turbonetics Raptor Blow Off Valve


    • T62 supports 650 flywheel hp
    • Upgrade to T76 for $200
    • T76 supports 775 flywheel hp (using this intercooler)
    • Uses any T4 flange

    Stainless Steel Charge Tubes


    • Includes all Silicon couplers and T-bolt clamps

    Oil Feed & Drain Lines


    • Includes oil feed lines, drain lines, adapter for supply, fittings for oil pan
    • Requires drill and tap

    Turbo Kit on Engine Stand

    Additional O2 Sensor Bung
    Turbo System - Exhaust Hot Parts
    Required exhaust header & tubing for turbo system. This unit can be purchased individually through this form.
    Turbo System - Exhaust Hot Parts
    62mm Turbonetics Turbo - 0.96 AR
    Intercooler Package
    Intercooler Packages - Please see the frequently asked questions for this setup. The air to air intercooler setup is currently in development and will be available shortly.
    Water to Air Intercooler
    Fuel Injectors
    Fuel Rails Package
    Customers looking to make over 650rwhp should purchase a set of fuel rails. GM fuel rails are inadequate in high performance applications.
    Fuel Pump Upgrade
    Radiator - Ron Davis/LPE
    Recommended for road racing applications and extreme warm climates.
    Intake Manifold
    C5 Exhaust System - Axle Back
    HP Tuners
    Wideband Oxygen Sensor
    Base Price: $0.00 Customized Price: $0.00
    • No Bung
    • Turbo System - Exhaust Hot Parts
    • 62mm Turbonetics Turbo (Recommended for stock engine)
    • Water to Air Intercooler - Street/Drag (650rwhp Capacity)
    • No Injectors
    • No Fuel Rails
    • No Fuel Pump Upgrade
    • No Radiator
    • No Intake Manifold
    • No Exhaust System
    • No HP Tuners
    • No Wideband