Ron Davis Aluminum Radiator, 05-06 GTO

Ron Davis Aluminum Radiator, 05-06 GTO

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Ron Davis Racing Products is responsible for cooling some of the world’s most competitive race cars. Designed for greater cooling capacity with lightweight performance, Ron Davis Racing Product’s radiators are made from the finest materials to produce the highest quality aluminum radiator on the market today.

18 fins per inch

Length = 31"
Width = 2.5"
Height = 17"
Weight = 16 lbs.

  • Pressure testing at 32 psi insures each unit is leak free and structurally sound
  • CAD design and CNC sheet metal cutting is used that can hold .005" tolerance with complete repeatability
  • Metal grain is aligned during flat pattern CAD layout to insure maximum strength at bends
  • Furnace brazed cores insure leak free service for years and eliminates the need for epoxy, and aggressive fin counts for the application assure maximum cooling
  • Each core is annealed, and the tubes are welded seam, rather than brazed lock seams
  • The fins are multi-louvered for enhanced air turbulence to maximize heat rejection
  • Each weld is show car quality, with consistent bead width, dab spacing and penetration
  • Six Sigma Quality techniques pioneered in the aerospace industry are used to further prevent defects
  • Each process is analyzed scientifically for possible failures and they are prevented rather than being reworked
  • Major processes are mapped for consistent results and failure prevention analysis

Transmission Cooler
Base Price: $771.00 Customized Price: $771.00
  • No Transmission Cooler